Clear Channel Suffers Huge Ratings Loss After Booting Howard Stern

Clear Channel is getting what it deserves - a mass exodus of listeners after pulling Howard Stern off the air. The numbers are staggering. Following Clear Channel's dropping of Stern from San Diego station KIOZ, for example, ratings plummeted from a number one position with and 8.9 rating 12+ to number 27 with a 0.7 rating. For specific demos, the losses were even more staggering. For men 18+, ratings went from a 12.7 to a 0.7. For men 18-34, ratings went from a 20.6 to a 0.8. For 25-54, ratings went from a 10.1 to a 1.0.

As Jeff Jarvis so eloquently put it, the "FCC (and Clear Channel) is protecting no one" because no one is left listening.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Apr-28-04  
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