Coors Sued For Glamorizing Alcohol, Killing Teen

Coors Twins Kill Teens?

Jodie Pisco of Reno Nevada filed a lawsuit last Wednesday accusing Coors of "glorifying a culture of youth, sex and glamour while hiding the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction" which led to the death of her son. Heavy stuff for Coors founder Peter Coors to deal with as he makes a bid for congress.

Pisco's son, Ryan, was killed in 2002 after drinking Coors beer at a party and driving his girlfriend's car into a light post at 90 MPH. It's not all about Coors though. The suit also names Ryan Pisco's girlfriend and her mother. Apparently, Pisco's girlfriend let him drive her car that her mother gave to her even though he did not have a driver's license.

The lawsuit looks at Coors highly successful ad campaign featuring the "Coors Twins" which began airing during the 2002-2003 NFL season and has been credited with increased product sales. As the nation experiences a backlash ignited by Janet Jackson's boob baring incident at this tear's Super Bowl, beer advertising will continue to come under the gun for its envelope pushing stunts. That said, there has been a noticeable "toning down" of beer commercial content lately that started with the demise of Miller Brewing Cat Fight campaign.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-04   Click to Comment   

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