Following Lingerie Commercial, Kylie Wonders Why Guys Won't Stand

Claiming Agent Provocateur lingerie to be the most provocative in the world, Kylie Minogue says she can prove it with the help of the viewer. To do so, she writhes sexually atop a mechanical bull in this ad then asks all the men in the audience to stand up. Of course, none of them do...or can without embarressment. This, of course harkens back to every guy's hot yet nightmarish memory of a time when, as a kid, he simply could not contain is "appreciation" for that young hottie, who was the daughter of his parent's friends and was over for dinner, at the same moment when his mother asked him to stand up and help clear the table, forcing him to turn red and instantly come up with all manner of excuse not to stand up and reveal the "appreciation" threatening to burst open his zipper.

by Steve Hall    Apr-27-04   Click to Comment   

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Posted by: Leather on April 18, 2009 2:37 AM

I love those sexy shorts she is wearing! Has anyone seen her in a sexy bodystocking? I would kill to see her wearing a one piece fishnet!

Posted by: Bodystocking on June 9, 2009 12:27 PM

Je suis une femme maigre, une ectomorphe, mais je suis un peu mesomorphe, je suis une woman-flesh un peu kink, je m’appelle Kikey, Aurélia Kikey, una normolinea ectomesomorfa con un indice del pondus medio, mais j’ai l’allure de travers, the walk-style of lift up, I’m a woman-bitchen, una donna sentimentale-amorfa, in cui c’è l’ombra del paradigma nervoso, che dà alla mia andatura, più che un tocco di “gravità leggera” o di “sentimento de-emotivato”, un tocco di tenera eclatanza, di chiarità tesa, come se il vento sferzasse il mio podice con un angolo di 90°.
Ma, je le sais, il y a quelque chose d’autre, le relâchement du lâche, je laisse-moi aller, je fait-moi prendre, moi, je donne du mou en cette allure de travers, je lâche la jouissance de ma fente du derrière, je donne la jouissance derrière.
Je suis l’envers du monde, je suis l’allure de l’hémisphère Sud, “Mine-nought”, la bomba-zero du l’éndroit du monde, the “My-nought”, Minogue, of backside.

je chante Can’t get you out of my Head.

V.S.GAUDIO, da: "Aurélia Kylie Nynought.Aurélia Steiner de Melbourne, copyright 2005.

Posted by: v.s.gaudio on February 14, 2010 7:24 PM