Holographic Advertising Becomes Reality

No longer a trick seen in a Star Trek movie, holographic imaging is a reality and it's emerging as an exciting new form of advertising. Vizoo, a Danish advertising and film company, has developed a video technology that projects an image onto a real life setting so that the projected image merges with the surroundings creating life-like imagery. A Scandinavian film distributor used the technology to project life-like imagery of Lord of the Rings imagery to promote the release of the third film. See the technology in action here.

While the technology has been limited to use in Scandinavia, the applications are limitless as advertisers struggle to find new methods of reaching consumers who are simply tuning out all advertising. In essence, this technology cold be used to create a life-like person who would accost, I mean approach consumers on the side walk or present demos at various locations. Used properly, this technology could open up a very promising new channel of communication.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04   Click to Comment   

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