Jeff Jarvis Leads Discusion on Making Money With Weblogs at BloggerCon

Saturday, I went to BloggerCon, a conference discussing weblogs in journalism, education, science, business and politics. President & Creative Director Jeff Jarvis spoke at one of the sessions about ways in which blogs can create revenue streams. Some of the topics discussed are here.

Among the potential channels for revenue are selling advertising, becoming a media property, selling products from the blog, selling blog skills as a "product," selling services and selling premium memberships. Adrants already has a revenue stream from advertising both through BlogsAds and through advertising on the Adrants Daily newsletter.

A revenue channel that is being experimented with here is what I've termed an AdverPost. They occasionally (continually for a day or two so all can see) appear at the top of Adrants and look just like a regular blog post. Examples are here. Since these are ads that look like content, it begs the question - does this cross the line between church and state? Is it misleading to have an ad look that similar to editorial content. Is the disclosure at the bottom of the AdverPost enough? Please offer your thoughts in the comment section.

by Steve Hall    Apr-17-04   Click to Comment   

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