Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Sue Acclaim For Bungled Marketing

Don't Mess With Us

On the eve of their 18th birthday and the release of their feature film, "New York Minute," Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have filed suit against Acclaim Entertainment for $500,000 claiming the company has not fulfilled its obligation to develop and market video games featuring the Olsens. In fact, the suit states Acclaim has damaged the Olsen brand, "run it into the ground," and not paid all royalties.

As the girls, now worth $150 million each, grow up, they aren't taking any crap. Nor should they. With a brand as valuable as theirs, you can't blame them for protecting it. Once the Olsens get past this lawsuit and the opening of their film, the two will bgin their Freshman year at New York University.

And just for fun, here's a song by the The Fresh on the twins turning 18.

by Steve Hall    Apr-24-04   Click to Comment   

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