Out of Home TV Viewing Not A Bad Thing

Many an advertiser have discounted the value of television viewing outside the home claiming it is not as valuable due to distractions such as those found in a bar. A recent study by Total TV Audience Monitor, underwritten by ESPN, the NFL and ABC, finds otherwise. The study found much of out of home viewing was done in what the study called locations "conducive to marketing" such as off-campus housing, hotels, etc. Aside from the debatable issue of what a "conducive to marketing" location really is, 72 percent of out of home viewing occurs in these locations. Of note, the elusive 18-34 audience comprised 59 percent of this segment whereas it represent only 22 percent of in-home viewers. Of all out of home viewing, the most is done at colleges with 29.5 percent viewing in off-campus housing and 18.6 percent in on-campus housing. Whether or not the viewers where sober or not during viewing is subject for another study.

by Steve Hall    Apr-27-04   Click to Comment   

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