Political Ad Campaigns Tested With Brain Sensors

The Drudge Report has a scoop on a page one story the New Times plans to run on Tuesday. Written by reporter John Tierney, the story will, reportedly, explore the future of political ad campaign development as illustrated by a UCLA study that shoved subjects inside an MRI machine to measure blood flow to the brain as they watch commercials. According to the study, Republican ads create a different blood flow than Democratic ads.

The study found Democrats showed more blood flow to the fear sensing portion of the brain than Republicans when shown images of 9/11. One researcher stretched claiming this to indicate Democrats see 9/11 as a plus for Bush and that scares them. One could also assume that Democrats are just wimps and are easily scared by anything.

As Drudge says, developing...

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Apr-19-04  
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