Political Correctness Kills Creativity Once Again

Like a sitcom without a laugh track, Clear Channel has agreed to remove a billboard located in the parking lot of Sav-on-Drugs in Hollywood. The billboard is promoting a movie, made by Mexican filmmaker Sergio Arau, called "A Day Without A Mexican" and is meant to portray what life would be like if, suddenly, all the Mexicans in California disappeared. Obviously, the movie will say that's a bad thing and it would be. So a little play on words was used in the creation of the billboard. It reads, "On May 14th there will be no Mexicans in California." Apparently, a Sav-on-Drugs customer didn't have the wit to see the word play and complained to store management who then called Clear Channel who bent over....I'm sorry...honored the customer's request and moved the board.

Televisa Cine CEO Eckehardt von Damm, whose company produced the film, said, "It is a Mexican movie made by Mexicans, and we just want to entertain. Of course there's a message: We are here; we are part of the country."

America's sense of humor has left the building.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Apr-26-04  
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