Pontiac Launches Adver-blather-tainment-mercial Campaign

Fighting the rising level of commercial avoidance among consumer today, Pontiac decided to promote its new GTO by throwing everything but the proverbial kitchen sink into this hard to categorize video-preview-trailer-adver-thingy. It's an ad for the new GTO but it's also a trailer for a supposedly new car chase movie called "The Last Ride." It includes the humorous, self-congratulatory flatulence from director Rob Cohen who gushes about his choice of car for the movie and the usual quick-cut, explosive movie scenes we've come to expect.

All that said, it is an intriguing combination that leaves you unsure of whether you are watching a commercial, a movie trailer or an Access Hollywood interview.

Other spots in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the week include work for Doritios, Carlsberg, Universal Studios, Coke, Fuji, Nationwide Insurance and good 'ol Tony the Tiger for Kellogg's. Looks like Tony's had a major face lift, though, since I was a kid.

Click here to view the spots.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Apr-27-04  
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