Editor Just Discovers TV Stations Make Money From Advertising

New York Daily news TV Editor Richard Huff says a new women's shaving product commercial running on New York 1 News from BikiniTouch crosses the line of decency. He says the "closeup of a woman's groin, along with a finger pointing to the privates, is going way, way overboard." Actually, that sounds a bit delicious. OK, maybe it's a bit much to zoom in on a stubble-infested crotch but women need to know about these products. What better way to sell the product than to show how it works.

Huff's also upset New York 1 is making money off the commercial explaining it's a direct response spot. Mr. Huff, no matter what type of commercial it is, the television station will make money. Did you think TV stations aired ads out of the goodness of their heart?

Thanks to Adrants reader Charley Brough for pointing this gem out.

by Steve Hall    May- 8-04    

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