The So-Called Naked Christina Aguilera Commercial

First it was thought Christina Aguilera was getting naked for a Virgin Mobile commercial apparently because she didn't want the film crew to see her naked. Then, it was determined she was not naked during the shoot but faking an orgasm Meg Ryan-style. Now that the commercial is completed, it's neither. She's not naked. She's not having an orgasm. But she is riding up and down on an office chair and those that can see her through a window think she's getting it on. Just another proof point most rumors are just that - rumors.

Now that we're done with the rumors, DMC is seeding this commercial virally in a pre-launch to an upcoming television airing of the commercial. The commercial, which ends in a media circus, promotes Virgin Mobile's "standard on-net 3p text tariff," whatever that is.

by Steve Hall    May-14-04    

'America Needs Dirt' And Cal Ripken Want You to Go Outside

In an offbeat campaign, a cause called America Needs Dirt compels us to get off our asses and get outside. Claiming Americans spend over 90 percent of their time indoors, six hours shopping and only 40 minutes per week playing with our kids. That's sad. So baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. has teamed with America Needs Dirt to tell us to turn the TV off, turn the computer off, and get outside and roll around in the dirt. Spoof or not, it's a noble cause.

Of course to promote their cause they want you to sit down at your computer and pass a link on to your friends.

by Steve Hall    May-14-04    

Booth Babes Recruited For AD:Tech

With just week and a half to go until the San Francisco AD:Tech Conference, exhibitors are scrambling for hot women to stand in front of their booths to draw in conference attendees. While this tactic does drive traffic to a booth, every guy at the show will crowd these booths not because of what the exhibitor has to sell but to wag their tongues while viewing the massive display of cleavage. Here's one of several ads on Craig's list soliciting hotties:

"We are looking for two attractive, intelligent women to help with a marketing and promotional campaign for a revolutionary software company at a local show. Here is what we are looking for:

* Women who are extroverted (outgoing and tactful)
* Can talk to someone (and look interested while doing so) for a few minutes and convey a few simple business ideas about the company
* Be able to hand out an overview document on the company
* Be able to collect the persons business card

Time: 2 days @ $ / hour (rate depends on skills, but should be about $20)

Dates: 5/24/2004 - 5/25/2004

Location: San Francisco

Please send an email to with a bit about your background or a resume and a picture."

Mind you, I'm not against this tactic. In fact, I look forward to the cleavage-fest.

by Steve Hall    May-14-04    

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