Advertising's Bitch Fight Returns

Writing in his Ad Age column, Rance Crain writes about the newfound feistiness of ad agency executives as they crawl out of their recession shells. Seems every ad execs has something to crap about these days from incoming AAAA's Chairman Ron Berger complaining about ad exec television appearances a la Donny Deutsch on "The Apprentice" to Berger's claim a recent Yanklovich study stating people hate advertising really means they hate telemarketing and spam and not the finely crafted product of Madison Avenue to Havas' Kevin Roberts dissing his boss Maurice Levy for over use of blather-speak such as "holistic marketing" and "touch points."

As Crain says, just as the advertising economy returns, so has industry bitching and pontification. It's not all bad, though. At least those multi-million dollar executive bonuses granted while agency earnings tanked now seem almost warranted.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04   Click to Comment   

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