Dittie Tampons Launches Stigma-Free Ad Campaign

Start-up Dittie LLC has launched a new line of tampons that dispenses with the staid medical tone that most other manufacturers have used for years. Using colorful packaging and guerilla marketing, Dittie hopes to breath new life into the category and take some market share from the big guys.

Founder Barbara Carey saw that the category was stale and without style. Additionally, she went against the notion that a woman's menstrual cycle is an ailment positioning the product in a way that celebrates rather than shuns this natural female event.

Working with Alloy's AMP Insights, the one million dollar campaign includes new packaging, a sampling program in schools and doctor's offices, ads in girl's bathrooms, school newspapers and hallways. There's even a street buzz team. The Dittie web site includes areas such as "The bathroom Stall" which offers a discussion community, "Fun and Games" which includes Tampon Bowling and a section where IM icons and Dittie Desktops can be downloaded.

by Steve Hall    May-11-04   Click to Comment   

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