Jealous Girlfriend Can't Compete With Boyfriend's Toyota Tacoma

It's been a long, long...very long time since I've seen an automotive television commercial that actually made me laugh and didn't suffer from the ridiculously insipid "winding, mountainous road syndrome." In this new commercial, we have a guy and a bunch of his friends ripping it up on the beach in their Toyota Tacoma pick up. We then quick-cut to a segment of a girl ranting about what she thinks of her boyfriend Mike's stupid truck while, in the background, her friends push Mike's truck off a cliff. Surely, the girlfriend can't wait to show this video to her boyfriend. Trouble is, the truck lands on all fours, undamaged. However unlikely that might be, it sure does shut the bitch up.

Other commercial this week from Ad Age's TV Spots of the Week include a Sunkist offer so busy, one can't even keep up with the name dropping and the rules, a fat dude that kills clubbers with his body odor while dancing for Right Guard, another great Apple iPod commercial, two police interrogators get all metrosexual for GE Light Bulbs, a weepy drug spot for EpiPen, a couple can't understand the great service from Comcast and some lime-green dude finds a lime green car on

by Steve Hall    May-10-04   Click to Comment   

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