MTV Launches 'Less Embarressing' Condoms

MTV in the U.K. has plans to launch a line of condoms that will be packaged in a way that is aimed to lessen the embarrassment of the whole "Excuse me, pharmacist, I have a big hard on and I really need to cover it - do you have any advice?" syndrome.

The line will also be sold at retail locations other than pharmacies only making the whole ordeal even more embarrassing when buying them from that hot highschool girl at the grocery cash register.

MTV International President Bill Roedy shares his painful past memories, "I can remember how awkward it was when I was young to buy condoms and I am not sure we have moved so far over the last 25 years. The idea is to try to take the embarrassment out of the purchase."

I don't think packaging is going to change a thing.

by Steve Hall    May-17-04   Click to Comment   

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