Random Holding Company Name Generator Not Aimed At IPG

Here's a good one.

Seeking to pre-empt a potentially ugly Madison Ave. dust-up, Bernard Urban, President of Urban Advertising, today vehemently rejected speculation that his agency's Random Advertising Holding Company Name Generator (R.A.H.C.N.G.) is aimed solely at the Interpublic Group of Companies.

Denying the claim, Urban said, "We're merely celebrating our independence. If the people at IPG are concerned that we're trying to mock, humiliate or expose them in particular, their fears are completely unfounded."

The R.A.H.C.N.G., which is hosted at www.urbanadvertisng.com, randomly spits out potential holding companies using a proprietary algorithm. A few names it has generated include "Fat and Lazy Mega-Corp, International"? and "Expense Account Driven Holdings Universal."

As of this morning the agency, which handles projects for SIRIUS Satellite Radio, International Masters Publishing, Avidyne, Marriott and Conde Nast had not spoken directly with any holding companies or agencies concerning the R.A.H.C.N.G.

But Urban, who once worked for IPG agency McCann-Erickson said, "It's only a matter of time."? He then added "We in no way intended to hurt their feelings. Honest."


by Steve Hall    May-12-04   Click to Comment   

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