Tom Brady to Pitch Sirius Satellite Radio

Beginning this summer New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will appear in a campaign promoting Sirius' NFL Sunday Drive. Sirius will broadcast every NFL game during the 2004 season. Brady was signed by Sirius soon after the new President of Entertainment and Sports was recruited. The campaign will consist of television, radio, print and point of sale.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

Virginia Billboard Campaign Asks Men Not to Have Sex With Young Girls

To combat what appears to be rampant sex between men and young old girls - 219 births among 13 and 14 years old girls from men over 18 in 1999 and 2000, the Virginia Department of Health has launched a statewide billboard campaign telling men to keep it in their pants. With headlines, "Isn't She A Little Young?" and "Sex With A Minor, Don't Go There" the campaign also appears on posters, coasters and napkins in bars - the likely hangout for these sexaholic men who seem to be incapable of getting it on with women their own age.

If anyone has pictures of the actual billboards, you simply must send them to tips at adrants dot com. Images courtesy of Jamie Rubin.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

P & G Signs Deal With Tom Joyner

In an effort to increases its awareness to black consumers, P&G has signed a marketing deal with REACH Media Inc., owner of the Tom Joyner Morning Show which reaches 8 million listeners in 115 markets. Under the agreement, Joyner will endorse some P&G products, P&G will sponsor portions of the show as well as events hosted by Joyner. The agreement will also include the completion of a study to determine the effectiveness urban radio has on increasing sales.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

MediaBuys Doubles Membership, Fills Pipeline With $7 Million

After expanding its media base from B2B to B2C and re-launching its website just 3 months ago, MediaBuys has more than doubled its media buyer membership from 150 to 325 members who have generated just over $7 million in new estimate ad space requests.

The online media buying discount club buys ad space in bulk on behalf of its membership and passes on the savings when members submit media plans. Members can gain up to 40% savings on full ad campaigns including Cable and Spot Television, Regional & National Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Online, Interactive and Out-Of-Home.

The growing number of MediaBuys' buying members are making media sources stand up and take notice. "Buying members have not been our only visitors. Media sources have also been approaching us to represent everything from syndicated broadcast shows and golf cart signage to International ad buys", said Daniel Kruger, MediaBuys president. "We're reprogramming our media source area as fast as we can to accommodate new media space."

MediaBuys has been executing a combination of search engine, email, direct mail and telemarketing strategies to build its brand over the past few months. New members signing up for free accounts include ad agencies, media buying companies and corporate in-house marketing departments whom represent some 1600 advertisers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

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Samsung Turns Camera Phone Owners Into Directors

If the thought of seeing another lame summer blockbuster has you gouging your eyes out, wait until you see what Samsung is promoting. The mobile phone manufacturer is running an ad campaign that shows the ease with which one can use their camera phone to capture every minute little detail of their life and turn it into a movie. As part of it's "Show Your World" campaign, Samsung apparently wants us all to walk around staring into our mobile phone screens framing shots no one will ever see instead of actually living life. See this and more at Ad Ages' TV Spots of the Week.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

Weblogs Reach Desirable Target Audiences

Contrary to popular belief and no proven by a study, webloggers and those who read then are not all teenage girls whining about their boyfriends. A recent study by BlogAds (in which Adrants participated) of 17,159 blog site visitors found 61 percent are over the age of 30 and 40 percent have households incomes of $90K or above. Clearly not an audience advertisers should ignore.

BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland says, "The impression has been that the typical blog reader is a college student with an entry-level job, and therefore not an incredibly desirable demographic unless you're trying to sell beer." This study counters that line of thinking and will perhaps wake up big advertisers to the world of weblogs as a viable advertising medium.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

Coors Twins Gone Askew

Coors is realizing that sex doesn't always sell. The brewer, which has featured Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski - otherwise known as the Coors Twins, may be pulling the plug on the long running "Rock On" beer babe hottie ad campaign. It's not like we didn't see this coming with sales figures in the head-just-barely-above-water stage and beer babe backlash.

So the campaign that started with Askew (Coors CMO Ron Askew) may end up askew. The brewer has launched an agency search with new work expected to debut this fall. Current ad agency FCB isn't talking.

"I'm very pleased with our current television work but I'm always looking for new insights to better communicate with our consumers and have challenged our agencies to raise the bar for the next round of creative," said Askew.

With all this backlash, it's very likely all we'll see during next year's Super Bowl are monks and nuns (without break-away wardrobes) cautiously and conservatively convincing us the celibate life is the way to go.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04    

Cinema Advertising Grows 48 Percent

The lengthy and annoying (from a consumer's perspective) commercials seen prior to a theater movie have turned into a $315.1 million business according to the latest numbers from the Cinema Advertising Council. This growth has come from realizing this captive audience as well as the proliferation of digital projectors making it very easy to manage which commercials are shown based upon location and other demographic information. If only the ads were more entertaining - or at least bearable.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04