AdSpyre Launches MidADdle Ad System

Internet Marketing company AdSypre has announced the beta launch of its MidADdle keyword targeted ad system. The system, similar to Claria and WhenU, works once a user has downloaded and opted into the system. The system tracks online behavior matching user keywords in user-entered URLs, web page forms, search forms and click-through destinations which are then mapped against advertiser keywords generating targeted ad delivery. The ad appears as a between-page unit and is presented to the user upon identification by system as they progress from one page to the next. The user can choose to click on the ad, view it for ten seconds or skip it. If the ad is clicked, the user is delivered to the advertiser's site.

MidADdle joins a growing list of companies pushing privacy barriers but maximizing advertiser return by matching advertiser messages with user behavior. MidADdle taps a database of five million users who have downloaded game/utility software and opted into the system. While MidADdle may achieve effective behavioral/demographic database targeting without pop ups, it may still face privacy challenges both from users and from sites who may view the between-page style ad delivery similar to legally-challenged pop ups.

UPDATE I: Steer very clear of this software. See the comment section for the hovoc it has caused for many people.

UPDATE II: An apparent solution from Comments: 'i finly got rid of this thing all you have to do is use add/remove programs to uninstall it but the trick is to make sure you eather are disconected from the internet or are running a strict firewall because when uninstalling the program it seems to try to contact the sight to reinstall itself'

by Steve Hall    Jun-15-04   Click to Comment   

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the removal tool from
and the best part, it won't cost mach!
My God it worked like a charm!
Well worth the $5, and it has saved me from a lot of heartache

Posted by: Ben on April 25, 2005 2:36 AM