Dotomi Network Places Control in Consumer's Hands

There's a new opt-in ad network in town and it aims to hand control of marketing over to consumers. Dotomi has launched Direct Messaging which, boiled down to its most simplistic terms, provides opt-in, on-page banner advertising tying a marketer and its customer database to consumers who join the Dotomi network. The Dotomi system, through partnership with publishers, delivers personalized banners to consumers who have selected to be part of the network.

One assumes, publisher that are part of the Dotomi network will promote this feature to consumers on their sites as a means to control ad clutter and to marketers as a means to deliver highly targeted messages. An initial demo of the U.S. based system yielded a banner that was customized to the point of knowing my dog's name. Clearly, this is just the start but the possibilities are encouraging.

Dotomi conducted a pilot launch of Direct Messaging last March in Israel, and the service rapidly grew in popularity and currently serves ads from 65 top-tier marketers on 95 percent of the local publishers. The results were quite good and revealed that Dotomi Direct Messaging campaigns generated between seven and thirteen percent click-through rates. Nothing to sneeze at.

Dotomi was founded by Yair Goldfinger, who created Instant Messaging and currently serves as Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dotomi. Running the company as President and CEO is John Federman, formerly of several CGMI divisions.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jun- 1-04  
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