Hot Chics Dig Your Dry Hairy Armpit

Rad deodorant maker Axe is out with another odd ad campaign. This one leads men to believe women want to date their armpits. That is if their armpits are made dry with Axe deodorant. The images are a bit freaky showing women hanging with headless armpits with feet.

SF Gate Columnist Mark Moford cuts to the point of the campaign, "Screw emotional connection. To hell with chivalry and cooking her breakfast and remembering to bring the condoms. You really want to score with the babes? It's all about the sweat glands, dude. Huge, dry ones. With feet."

He doesn't like the campaign but humorously describes the mentality of these poor women in the ad, "And our chick, she really wants this armpit, is hot for this armpit, is caressing it and tickling it and wrapping her silky smooth arms and legs around it, stroking it, craving it, clearly about to let out a mad yelp at any moment and tear off her skimpy outfit and throw the giant hairy armpit to the floor and mount it and scream out sweet Jesus's name."

While the campaign might be a bit odd and even gross it is intriguing and eyecatching. Sure, it's sexist and stupid as revealed at the website where you can choose your own deodorant by selecting from odd female traits, but it sure kept me involved for a while and what marketer doesn't love that.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-04   Click to Comment   

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