MGM Promotes 'Sleepover' With Sleepovers

To promote its upcoming movie, "Sleepover," MGM Pictures and Milton Bradley are planning what they call the World's Largest Sleepover. On June 23, coinciding with the release of Milton Bradley's new game, Cover to Cover, satellite sleepovers will be held simultaneously in 21 cities across the country with the movie's stars Alexa Vega and a bunch of other tween hotties piped in for the giggle-fest.

Anastasia Goodstein of Ypulse says the trailer is lame and we'd agree. But that won't stop the pajama party nor the crashing of it by men of all ages who can't help but follow with glee the current paedophile-like teen/tween cultural obsession with or the chance to see a bunch of tweeners dressed in ridiculously small but tantalizingly hot sleepwear. Someone take pictures.

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-04   Click to Comment   

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