Oxygen Launches Blog to Promote 'Good Girls Don't'

Jumping on the viral marcomm blog hippy-trip, Oxygen Network has launched a cute little blog written by the mysterious "Jane" to promote it's twenty-something girl power show "Good Girls Don't." Laced with cutsey phrases like "wow, am I sick. woke up with the sorest throat ever ? as if a golf ball is lodged on the left side" and "OMG, saturday night we spent five hours trying to find a club that�s SO cool it has no name, no address, and no phone number," blogger Jane tries to clue us in to the oh-so-dramatic life of what "20-somethings really say, think, and do."

Now if Jane, like a real blogger, would use permalinks, we might actually be able to give some linky-love to her witty repartee.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jun- 9-04  
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