PETA Places 'Don't Eat Chicken' Ad Where No One Will See It

After scouring the entire country for television stations that would accept it's "don't eat chicken ad," it found two takers in Peoria, IL. The spot, which shows images of chickens with beaks cut off and crowded into tight quarters, will air on WEEK, WMBD and WYZZ. Driving the point home, PETA Director of Vegan Campaigns Bruce Friedrich said, "If caring people give it a thought, they have to realize that animal abuse, environmental degradation, and sick consumers make the case for eating chicken corpses too tough to swallow."

They'll have to do more than advertise in Peoria to combat the lemming-like behavior of fat kids lining up at McDonald's doorway for their daily dose of Chicken McNuggets.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-04   Click to Comment   

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