Sloggi G-Strings Irk Two England Mosques

In there continuing attempt to stir controversy, international undergarment maker Sloggi has placed two billboards showing four models with their G-string-clad asses facing outward above the slogan, "It's String Time" near two England Mosques knowing full well they'd get press for doing it. If you live in England and want to check them out, the two mosques are located near Rochale Road in Bury, Lancashire and near Harehills Road in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

England's Advertising Standards Authority has received several complaints to date and issued a wrist slap telling Sloggi to, "take more care with the placing of similar posters." As tantalizing as this tactic is, it's almost boring. Sloggi has done this several times before. It's a basic strategy of theirs - place barely dressed hot women in locations where they will offend and get tons of press coverage.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-04   Click to Comment   

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