Nextel Billboard Causes Car Crashes

A Nextel billboard in Cleveland Ohio has caused as many as five accidents in the past few months because motorists are shocked at what they see. The board features extensions which appear as mannequins of students working on their laptops. Motorists have complained that it looks as if someone is trying to jump off the board and perhaps commit suicide.

If Nextel wanted attention, they sure got it.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04    

Game Show Network Launches Bikini Jiggle-Fest

The Game Show network will air a four episode series called "National Lampoon's Greek Games" which will pit teams against each other competing in embarrassing games. Framing the show honestly, host George Gray says the show is "an excuse for girls to wiggle in corn syrup." And, it's just another excuse to place a gratuitous picture with this story.

Games will include the above referred to "Gooey Ten Yard Dash" that calls for contestants to run ten yard through three inches of corn syrup, "Geek Distance Throw" where a bunch of frat brothers through a geek as far as they can into the water and "Human Baklava" where contestants stuff bread down their pants to....well, look like they are really excited about the games. The series premieres July 13 on GSN. Thanks to Adrants reader Charley Brough for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04    

Attack of the Pre-Movie Ad

If you're sick of ads before movies this Summer, you're out of luck. Caravan to Athens, an NBC Olympics mini-movie starring five likely U.S. Olympians and four Chevrolet vehicles, premieres nationwide in Regal Entertainment Group Theatres on Friday, July 2, 2004. Caravan will run during the month of July on more than 5,000 screens in 415 Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres encompassing 46 of the top 50 U.S. markets.

Through the use of dramatized stunts, Caravan showcases the athletic prowess of five likely Olympians on their way to Athens for the 2004 Summer Olympics: Swimmer Natalie Coughlin, long-jumper Dwight Phillips, weightlifter Shane Hamman, gymnast Paul Hamm and sprinter Tyree Washington. Their transportation to Athens is provided by four Chevrolets vehicles: Corvette, Malibu, SSR and Silverado. If we have to sit through this, let's at least hope their not produced weepy Olympic vingette style.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04    

Anal Military Afraid of Coke GPS Cans

An innocent Coke promotion called "Unexpected Summer" has the military up in arms. Coke has outfitted 120 cans of Coke with built in GPS cell phones which have been distributed around the country. Consumers who find one of the 120 cans can use the embedded phone to call and register for prizes such as a new Chevy Equinox SUV, a chance to win $1 million from Harrah's and Disney vacations. Once registered Coke "search teams" will use GPS to find the individual and surprise them on a random day within a specified three week period.

Apparently, the military feels threatened by these phones, thinks they could be used as an eavesdropping device and have banned them from some military bases. Coke says it is impossible for the can to be an eavesdropping devise. The military isn't buying it.

"In the remote possibility a can were found in one of these areas, we'd make sure the can wasn't activated, try to return it to its original owner and ask that they activate it at home," said Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Spokeswoman Sue Murphy. "It's just another measure we have to take to keep everyone out here safe and secure."

A little paranoid are we? The military might have big guns but Coke isn't scared. Coca-Cola spokesman Mart Martin say of the can, "It cannot be an eavesdropping device. There's no reason to" stop the campaign. Thanks to Tom at TheMediaDrop for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04    

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Anthem Magazine Launches Hip Groovy Cool Website

What's that old saying? Once something's cool, it's not cool anymore? Yea, that's it. Well, groovy, hip, cool Anthem Magazine has launched a new groovy, hip, cool website that's supposed to be all groovy, hip and cool. There's not much there. But we did find some pics of a six-packed guy and some hotties in bikinis so we guess the site can be groovy, hip and cool if it wants.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04