Las Vegas Promoted Terminator Style

Here's a series of radio ads from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority using the Terminator theme to promote Las Vegas. The campaign, called "Instigator," is airing in Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 4-04    

Adver-Wear: Another Excuse to Look At Breasts

For those who can't get enough television viewing or breast/chest ogling, there's now a solution to both. Brand Marketers has launched Adver-Wear, or T-Shirt TV, an ad medium that consists of a 6 1/2 pound t-shirt with an 11 inch flat screen TV embedded in it. Male and female models are wearing the shirts this weekend at theaters and malls to promote the new Fox movie, "I, Robot."

The concept was developed by 30 year old Adam Hollander of Brand Marketers who said, "People of my generation and younger are so used to moving images on TV that if it's not a moving image, it doesn't move them." Now if he could just invent an Adver-Wear bikini or a form fitting version of the t-shirt, we'd all have much more fun watching.

For more Adver-fill-in-the-blank stuff, go here. Thanks to Adra Graves for this one.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 4-04    

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