Viral Consultantcy ASABAILEY Launches in London

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Asa Bailey, whose Viral Chart and Viral Awards celebrate the growing medium of viral marketing, has launched a viral consultancy called ASABAILEY. The independent consultancy will service clients in the advertising, media, PR, fashion and the music industry.

The consultancy is opening it's doors with 3 yet un-named clients and the independent music label Lo-recordings. Bailey says, "We are in talks with a top London PR agency to discuss viral work across their whole client base that includes one of the UK's leading highstreet fashion brands. And we are starting to work on a buzz marketing strategy for a luxury brand and a tobacco company, all through the above the line agencies. You can expect something sexy and very luxurious. And last but not least we are creating a viral music video to promote online music sales for our first music industry client"

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-04    

Korean Boy Advertises His Urges

Apparently unable to get laid on his own, a 17 year old Korean boy has made his urges know by placing an ad on a South Korean auction site. He is offering his virginity to the highest bidder in a move that gives new meaning to the term "more bang for your buck."

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-04    

Winnebago Spokesman Freaks Out in Video

Uttering the word fuck more times that the average Sopranos episode, this spokesman, in a late 80's Winnebago promotional video, trys to hit his lines but just can't fucking get it. Over and over he fuckin' freaks out. Fuckin' funny. Fuckin' check out this fuckin' video you fuckers.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-04    

Ailing 'Maxim' Steals Rolling Stone Editor

In an effort to shore up its ability to induce the highest amount of drool among young men, Maxim has hired Rolling Stone Editor Ed Needham. Current Maxim editor Keith Blanchard will become chief creative executive for the newly created TV, film and radio projects of Maxim's parent company, Dennis Publishing.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-04    

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