AdFleet Launches 'Wheelvertising'

Rick Bruner points out a new concept in transit advertising he dubs "Wheelvertising." This concept, from Santa Monica based AdFleet, involves the rigging of taxis with 16.5 inch non-rotating hub cap covers that carry advertiser logos. The covers are weighted in a fashion similar to those tricked-out, low-rider, throbbing hip-hop rides you occasionally see thumping and hydraulically jumping their way down the street in an apparent effort of overcome the driver's shortcomings in the manhood department. Thankfully, AdFleet taxis won't be making up for their driver's deficiencies.

AdFleet is launching today with 2,000 taxis in the Los Angeles area with advertisers including L.A. Dodgers, Taco Bell, Jiffy Lube, Virgin Colas and 1-800-Cheap Seats. AdFleet has plans to roll out to 14 markets including Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Toronto and Washington D.C.

The concept is not a new one. AdFleet President Ian Klassen saw it in action in Singapore and imported it. Add this to the growing list of whatever-vertising.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-04   Click to Comment   

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