Adrants Launches Network Discussion Group

Once tiny and humble, Adrants has gained critical mass far beyond all initial expectation. And with growth comes expansion. We are now launching The Adrants Network - a Friendster-like site where you can join, connect, network and discuss all things advertising. The service is hosted by Soflow and combines many of the features and functionality we have always wanted to offer Adrants readers. So, in a nutshell, here's what the Adrants Network will offer:

  • Connection to and networking with ad industry professionals and fans.
  • Ability to create a personal and professional profile of yourself to be viewed (or not) by others in the network.
  • A forum in which any number of topics can be discussed in a threaded and archived manner.
  • A listing section that could be useful for posting jobs, services, etc.
  • A email-like member to member messaging system.
  • A polling feature to do mini research among network members
  • Ability to create multiple, topic-specific clubs within the Adrants Network run by selected members.
  • An events calendar to schedule industry doings.
  • And lots more to come.

So if you want to get closer to your fellow Adrants fans, sign up, create your profile, join ongoing discussions, or just check out member's pictures. Join now! It's destined to become the best advertising online community is existence.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-04   Click to Comment   

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