Anal Military Afraid of Coke GPS Cans

An innocent Coke promotion called "Unexpected Summer" has the military up in arms. Coke has outfitted 120 cans of Coke with built in GPS cell phones which have been distributed around the country. Consumers who find one of the 120 cans can use the embedded phone to call and register for prizes such as a new Chevy Equinox SUV, a chance to win $1 million from Harrah's and Disney vacations. Once registered Coke "search teams" will use GPS to find the individual and surprise them on a random day within a specified three week period.

Apparently, the military feels threatened by these phones, thinks they could be used as an eavesdropping device and have banned them from some military bases. Coke says it is impossible for the can to be an eavesdropping devise. The military isn't buying it.

"In the remote possibility a can were found in one of these areas, we'd make sure the can wasn't activated, try to return it to its original owner and ask that they activate it at home," said Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Spokeswoman Sue Murphy. "It's just another measure we have to take to keep everyone out here safe and secure."

A little paranoid are we? The military might have big guns but Coke isn't scared. Coca-Cola spokesman Mart Martin say of the can, "It cannot be an eavesdropping device. There's no reason to" stop the campaign. Thanks to Tom at TheMediaDrop for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04   Click to Comment   

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