Animal Lovers Think Consumers Are Idiots

In yet another display of animal lovers' absolute inability to experience humor or treat consumers as if they weren't complete idiots, the UK's RSPCS and Dogs Trust groups are outraged over a commercial for Wall's sausages in which a man and a dog wrestle for the prized meat. The groups are angry because one scene in the obviously slapstick commercial shows a dog jumping against a closed window. Apparently, the animal lovers seem to think consumers are too stupid to realize the dog is computer generated and they might go out and throw their own dog against a window just because they saw it in a commercial.

Displaying her own idiocy, an RSPCA spokeswoman insulted the intelligence of the entire country of Britain with this comment, "While the dog thrown against the window in the advert is computer generated, it does set a poor example. Advertisers must be mindful that some members of their audiences might me influenced to copy what they see."

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-04   Click to Comment   

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