Ashlee Simpson Joins Candie's Club

Singer and actress Ashlee Simpson is the newest addition to the growing line of Candie's girls. Simpson, who currently has a reality show on MTV, a hit single and an album releasing next week, will appear in a Fall ad campaign for the footwear maker. She follows Kelly Clarkson, Jenny McCarthy, Destiny's Child and Ashanti who have all been Candie's girls.

Of her participation in the ad campaign, Simpson said, "I'm excited to be a Candie's girl. Candie's always does tongue and cheek, very funny advertising and they have a great sense of humor. The ads are always sexy and this is actually the first sexy photo shoot I've done."

As part of the deal, Simpson will perform a live concert for Candie's customer and make in-store appearances. A good move, perhaps, to distance herself further from her big sister's shadow but not enough for some.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-04   Click to Comment   

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