Entrepreneur Positions Domain Name Sale As $40 Million Press Release

University Research Corporation President James E. Midkiff is selling openingpage.com in an elaborate money making scheme for ad agencies and clients. Purely on the perceived value of a press release headline that might read, "XYZ Corp Buys Opening Page To Internet For Cash And Stock With Potential Value Of 40 Million Dollars," Midkiff outlines how the sale of the domain in exchanged for an inflated stock price enable the buyer of the openingpage.com domain to see a return on $40 million in five to seven years. He also outlines how an ad agency could purchase this domain, resell it to a client and capitalize on an obscenely huge mark up.

Calling this purchase an asset to a company's balance sheet, Midkiff's logic assumes the value of owning this domain and promoting the purchase of the domain through PR will catapult the domain's owner into the limelight and increase its value exponentially. Of course this logic assumes that every recipient of this would be press release is an idiot and unable to see it for what it really is - another money grubbing, Florida-based, sleazy money making scheme. Or, the whole thing is a joke and I'm the idiot.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-04   Click to Comment   

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