NBC Tarnishes New York's Anthora Cup

To promote its coverage of the Olympics in Athens, NBC has plastered its logo and Olympic rings on 24 million "Anthora" cups, a New York fixture for over 40 years.

"Leave the cup alone," said Ruth's Chris Steakhose employee Nicole Sambazis. "It's the traditional cup, so don't mess with it."

Defending the move with the usual marketing-speak is NBC Olympics EVP Gary Zenkel who said, "We are always searching for off-channel initiatives to connect the Olympics to the viewers. This ubiquitous Greek-American icon seemed like a natural for the Athens Games." Yes, it seemed natural to deface a cultural icon.

The cups will be emblazoned with the network's Olympic log an the copy, "24 hours a day, Aug. 13-29 on the networks of NBC." The We Are Happy To Serve You" tag is staying put. Thanks to Adrants reader Brigita for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04   Click to Comment   

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