Sachet Marketing Delivers Brands to Broad Audiences

Dubbed "Sachet Marketing" by TrendWatching, this marketing practice packages brands in small, affordable quantities making them available to a broader, lower income level consumer. Everything from cell phone minutes to small, tax deductible business loans to miniature washing machines to specially packaged laundry detergent are being marketed in bite-sized quantities which appeal to a broader audience than the same brands packaged in standard quantities.

Two new companies, Snap! International and Snap Pak have introduced small packaging for sachet marketers to sell their product in smaller quantities. As their names imply, the packaging snaps open rather than having to be ripped open as is the case with most other small product packaging. Brands can either package their own products or sign co-marketing deals to place their logo on the pachages of another company's product. It's not necessarily a new concept but with the fight to place a brand in front of a consumer's eyes, sachet marketing enables a form of mass marketing in an age of dwindling mass media channels.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul-14-04  
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