Survey Reveals More Newspapers Likely to Cheat on Circulation

MediaLife conducted a poll among its readers querying whether or not readers felt newspapers other than those already reported cheat of their circulation figures. In the study, 71.2 percent agreed with the statement, "There are more bad seeds, but not an entire crop. I think a closer investigation into other newspapers would find that the same thing is happening elsewhere, though I believe the majority are staying honest." And close to a fourth (24.7 percent) agreed with the statement, "The crop is rotten. If three papers are doing it, who?s to say 300 aren'?t? I?ve become wary of newspapers because of this, and I?m advising my clients as such." Only 4.1 percent think the problem is limited to the reported offenders. More study results reported here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-22-04   Click to Comment   

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