USA's 'The 4400' Could Be A Ratings Winner

Dan Jewel of MediaLife has seen the preview tape of USA's sci-fi series "The 4400" in which 4,400 people return after having been mysteriously abducted over the past several decades and he likes it.

He writes, "For years, USA was best known for Gilbert Gottfried, the grating comic who leeringly introduced R-rated movies aimed at 13-year-old boys up past their bedtimes?and little else. "Monk" officially changed all that, and with last year?s moody, oddball crime series "Touching Evil," USA suddenly announced itself as an actual (if very occasional) destination for quality TV. With the terrific new sci-fi mini-series "The 4400"?not to be confused with "The 700 Club"?that burgeoning reputation should be cemented.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul- 9-04  
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