Victoria's Secret Launches College Hottie-Wear

The Drool Squad Team

The retailer who's underlying goal is to give women the power to turn men into drooling idiots is about to unleash itself on the demo most likely to do just that - the 18 to 22 year old guy. While officially, the target audience is women 18-22, there's no secret to what's going on here. Victoria's Secret is unleashing its final sortie in the war to gain complete control over men. Promoting a line sleepwear and loungewear (what the hell is that?), the lingerie retailer plans to conquer the earth with model Alessandra Ambrosio leading a pack, called "Team Pink" (no sex jokes, please) of barely dressed college girls charged with becoming spokeswomen in their college dorms. Surely that will be the downfall of higher education. as men storm women's dorms in search of the latest lingerie fashion tips.

To kick it all off, Ambrosio and "Team Pink" made an entrance with some Hummers (no, not that kind. The automotive kind) at the flagship Manhattan location dressed in thongs, panties, t-shirts and bras. The line is designed to be more comfortable and less constrictive so girls can be comfortable in class while they distract the guys as part of Victoria's Secret's grand plan to turn men into lingerie-induced, catatonic zombies leaving them behind as the girls slide into all of high society's power positions.

And we wonder why the East is smarter than the West. See the hotties here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-04   Click to Comment   

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