Viral Firm TTR2 Enables Delivery of Multimedia via SMS Short Codes

Viral Firm TTR2 has launched, an SMS service that enables the delivery of any file format to email via SMS. With the limited number of handsets capable of receiving and viewing video or Flash TTR2 has gone back to basics and simply uses the text capabilities of the handsets to enable brands to deliver viral video's or Flash games to a users chosen email.

Brands who sign up to use the sendus service can create their own unique keywords online and attach video/Flash files to them. The sendus codes can then be printed on brochures, off-line advertisements, billboards and product packaging. When a user responds to the sendus code via their mobile the file is delivered instantly to their email. The brands can then track in real-time responses and collect customer data such as emails, mobile numbers etc directly from their personal admin area on-line. If required sendus can also deliver video directly to the handset.

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-04   Click to Comment   

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