Viral Video Precedes Bra Maker's 'No Tag' Campaign

Along with some �scooped you� �tude, Rick Bruner brings to our attention a viral campaign whose goal it is to rid bras of those nasty tags on the back which, apparently, are very itchy and uncomfortable. This viral video shows a bunch of reporters in quad split screen about to go on the air when one of the female reporters, who thinks she�s not seen by the others, goes through that ever-baffling maneuver of taking her bra off without taking her shirt off.

The video points to a site called Smart Women Against Tags that asks women to sign a petitionasking bra makers to rid bras of the nasty tags as Hanes has down with men�s t-shirts. Rick surmises the whole thing is a viral precursor to an actual campaign from a bra maker who is about to introduce a tagless bra and updates his article after seeing an ad for the SWAT site on Daily Candy.

While we wonder which manufacturer, if any, is behind this, Rick says one can expect a mainstream ad campaign to follow shortly. What�s curious is why this was reported on a site that focuses on business weblogs. Oh yea, it�s about bras. That�s fair game for any site.

UPDATE: John Fratus says, in Comments, the SWAT site is registered to Sara Lee, maker of Hanes, Bali, Playtex, Wonderbra. Makes sense that Sara Lee would take its Hanes tagless t shirt idea and do the same thing with bras.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul-16-04  
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