Young Men Watch TV, Don't, Do, Don't, Do, Don't, Do

Are we sick of hearing research about whether young men still watch TV or not? Well, today, according to yet another recent study - this time from Peter D. Hart Research Associates for Carat and Maxim - they do. In fact, they'd give up their videos games before they gave up TV. Eight out of ten men 18-34 said they would give up their game console for a month rather than give up TV for the same period of time. Nuggets:

  • Pop-up tolerance. Young men don't object to Web pop-up ads as long as there's a payoff. About 61% said they'd prefer a free Web site with pop-ups, vs. 33% who prefer a pay site with no ads.
  • TV-informed. Some 69% said TV ads are their first choice for getting information on a new gadget, and 56% consider network TV ads a major source of "staying informed," followed by cable and radio ads at 43%, newspaper ads at 38% and magazine ads at 34%.
  • Generational split. The study found a split between men ages 18 to 24 and those 25 to 34 in media use. For example, 68% of the younger group play video games, and 54% use instant messaging, vs. 51% and 31% in the older group.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-04   Click to Comment   

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