Chevrolet to Launch 2005 Corvette Commercial During Olympics

Redesigned only five times in 51 years and available this fall, the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette will makes it marketing debut during the Summer Olympics in a 60 second commercial directed by Guy Ritchie. Filmed to the tune of the Rolling Stones's "Jumping Jack Flash," the spot will follow the daydream of a boy as he imagines himself racing through the streets of New York. Work was done by Campbell-Ewald in Warren, Michigan. Adrants has an exclusive sneak preview of the spot. More images here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-04    

Monster Outdoor Campaign Comes to Life

In this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column, Amy Coor calls our attention to a unique outdoor campaign for Monster that ran in New Orleans. The campaign launched with a teaser board that read "Billboard Painter Wanted" for a week then a real human painter was hired to stand in front of the board handpainting it with the headline changed to "We got this guy a job." Even better, since one human billboard painter can't paint continually 24 hours a day, three other messages will be posted while the painter takes a break: "Went for more paint. Be back soon," "Went to grab some jambalaya" or "Be back bright and early." Fantastic use off the medium.

Other campaigns of note covered in Coor's column include Gillette which launched a TV spot featuring Xzibit, rap artist and host of the MTV show Pimp My Ride; Ann Taylor with a 50th anniversary campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz, a Gap campaign featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Alba Lenny Kravitz, New England Patriot Tom Brady, and actors Michael Vartan, Josh Duhamel and Peter Krause with ads appearing in InStyle, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Lucky and W; a new Old Navy television campaign and TCBY which is launching a campaign promoting is yogurt and challenging Americans to lose one million pounds.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-04    

Huge Oversized Breasts to Bombard Television

I Want Them Even Bigger!

Already there are douche ads, Tampon ads, bra ads, erectile dysfunction ads all over television. Why should big, round, juicy, gellatinous, pendulous mounds of ....uh...oh...sorry...breast implants be excluded? If there was ever such a thing as family TV, it is now certainly gone. ABC has decided to accept ads from breast implant maker Mentor who will air six differnt commercials promoting its saline implants. They will air on the network's "Extreme Makeover" reality series.

"We strive to create a classy, elegant ad that directs patients to where they can get general information. It's not intended to be a sexy ad," said Mentor Director of Global Marketing Sara DeRousse. OK, sure. Breasts are not sexy. Try to convince anyone of that. But I guess that's not the point. Now, when teenage girls ask their parents for bigger boobs for graduation, their parents will at least know where to get them.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-04    

Starcom/SMG Promotes Renetta McCann CEO of Starcom Americas

Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) named RENETTA MCCANN chief executive officer of Starcom The Americas, a region that includes Canada, the United States and Latin America. In her new role, McCann will work to oversee the company•s most expansive region and four media brands: Starcom, MediaVest, GM Planworks and StarLink. Since 2000, McCann has been chief executive of Starcom North America, one of the largest consumer contact organizations in the world.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-04    

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The New MTA Security Ad You Won't See

NewYorkish has taken one of the new MTA Subway security ads which urge commuters to report unattended bags and changed it to something a bit more relevant:

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-04