Madpony Kristin Markets A Congressmen With Style

Most likely you don't know Madpony Kristin but give her ten years and you may be voting for her. Kristin used to write a blog called Madpony on which diary'd her life as a college student along with her highschool sister, Lauren. The two mastered the fine art of making shopping for shoes and eating at Sonic a finely crafted literary indulgence. If you are having illusions of two bubble-headed bimbos blathering on about life's inconsequentials, you should consider checking yourself into a hospital and getting a head transplant. There is fame in the making here.

Writing a "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" piece on Tony Pierce's Busblog, Kristin, a summer intern for Oklahoma congressman Dan Boren, provides biting commentary and humorous insight into the political process. Writing about being asked to deliver some papers to Boren's office and after being shuffled from one miniscule task to another, Kristin wrote, "Eyeing the fax machine, I decided not to state the insanely obvious and use this little errand as my ticket out of further office humiliation."

With her allusions of political intern-grandeur reduced and her first hand experience of politics' definition of common sense, Kristin found enjoyment in the oh so hip-cool world of advertising by assisting with the filming of one of Boren's television commercials. While much of her involvement in the filming of the commercial centered on gophering breakfast ("a wide array of artery clogging treats") and lunch for the crew, Kristin did at least get to sit in on the pre-roll planning of the commercial as well as an end of day discussion about the overall campaign direction to which she contributed suggestions and insight which she says will be "used in the final versions read and seen by thousands of people."

Kristin, a sorority girl with style and a bent for copywriting, also put her skills to work on a poster campaign for a pre-election party. Kristin wrote, "The day before the election, I was also granted the task of creating fun and imaginative posters for the election watch party. With such gems as 'He's DAN-tastic' and 'I'm a Boren Again Democrat,' I felt my glitter covered creations clearly stated to the world my vital place as campaign intern." OK, maybe she should stick with politics but you've got to applaud the effort. Then again, her's are better than most political taglines and headlines. At least they're fun.

Whether it's her political convictions that win out or her unique copywriting skills, we're likely to see either President Madpony or Madpony Avenue in our future.

Unfortunately and to the sadness of many, in mid-June, after two years, Kristen has stopped publishing the Madpony weblog saying it had reached its inevitable end it was beating a dead horse. We await the launch of her next creation.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-04    

German Environmental Freaks Ban Supermodel From Filming on Mountaintop

German authorities have banned supermodel Claudia Schiffer from filming a TV ad for a mail order company on top of Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak. Apparently, some inflatable props for the ad where thought to somehow defame the national landmark. The spot will now be filmed on the tree-hugger safe patio of a cable car station part way down the mountain.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-04    

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