Miller Beer Babe Yvette Rachelle Interviewed

Hot Sauce has an interview with Miller beer babe Yvette Rachelle. When asked how she ended up in Miller beer ads, she gave a very blonde answer

"JD: You're very well known for the Miller Light ads, how did you end up working with them on a national campaign?

YR: Miller had been looking at thousands of models for their Miller Beer Ad Campaigns and it must of been kismet as they picked me!"

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

Ad Reminds Us to Be Sure Who We Choose to Sleep With

So the candles are burning and the soothing music is playing. It's a perfect atmosphere for a pleasant evening under the sheets. Right? Maybe not. provides us with this commercial to remind us we might want to take a closer look when choosing our bed partner.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

Ads to Attack Grocery Stores

The next time you go food shopping, the floor might start talking or a TV screen will start playing when you reach for the peas or your phone will ring telling you to check out the Campbell's soup on sale in the next aisle. These and other technology related ad mediums will soon be part of the grocery store experience. There will even be a radio station you can listen to as you approach the store hawking specials. Ideally, the messages will be on target having accessed you shopping database and offer only relevant specials. We wonder, though, what sort of message you will receive if you buy condoms and a package of sausages.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

Girl Attacks Guy In Lynx Ad

Deep in the winter woods is a warm log cabin in which a girl decides she simply must have the guy she's with. The joke behind why she ends up "attached" to the guy is beyond me but it's sure fun to watch. Lynx is the UK version of Axe in the States.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

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Cargo Magazine Sees Fast Growth

Men's shopping magazine Cargo is upping its rate base to 350,000 for the February 2005 issue and will increase frequency from 6 to ten times per year in 2005. The magazine has achieved newsstand sales of 110,000 for the first two issues and has apparently hit on a market need. Ad pages are up too. The September issue carries 116 pages.

Personally, I thought this would be a flop but I picked up a copy of the September issue the other day and was sucked in. It had page after page of stuff that made me start drooling. And no, it wasn't the iRiver or Paris Hilton Guess ads that did it. It's got everything. Cars, clothes, phones, shoes, booze, vacuums, watches, gadgets, ladders, fishing poles and gaming stuff. Conde Nast might have a winner here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

The Internet And How It's Used, Part I

eMarketer has put together an overview of how people are using the Internet, what they are doping doing with it and where they are going. Big uses are finding directions, communicating with friends and family, checking weather, getting news and buying tickets.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

Advertising Women Get Their Due

The Women's Image Network, (WIN), has announced the addition of a new television advertising component to The 11th WIN Awards Show and presents its panel of judges.

The 2004 WIN Ad Award judges include: Michael Conrad: Dean, Cannes Lions Academy /Cheryl Berman, CCO, Leo Burnett, Charlotte Moore, Sally Hogshead, Ellen Steinberg, Amee Shah: Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty, Monica Taylor, Weiden+Kennedy, Tone Garmann: New Deal-DDB, Jamie Barrett: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Joyce King Thomas, McCann-Erickson, Mr. David Oakley: Boone/Oakley, Chris Staples: Rethink, Luke Sullivan: GSD+M and Jury Chairman, Liz Paradise, Mckinney+Silver.

The new WIN Awards television advertising component will recognize outstanding television advertising that is created, written, directed or art directed by a woman. Men are encouraged to enter The 2004 WIN Ad Awards, as WIN also honors advertising that empowers women.

The WIN Awards Show is scheduled for November 7, 2004 in Los Angeles, (with a follow-up presentation of the winning ad work in New York City in January). Entry deadline is September 15, 2004.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04    

Conan Obrien Tenth Anniversary DVD Promo An Ad-Filled Disappointment

Rick Bruner was hoping Conan Obrien's 10th anniversary DVD "faux infomercial" episode would capture the humor normally found on the show. He thought otherwise.

It was supposed to be funny, but Conan's full-length infomercial for his "Late Night with Conan O'Brien 10th Anniversary Special DVD" was just lame and an actual infomercial. The joke was on us suckers who actually watched it. flashes frequently on the screen along with 800 YO-MAMA-IS-A-SKANK (not the real number, but I won't give them the satisfaction).

To add (or should I say "ad"?) insult to injury, this hour-long ha-ha infomercial was frequently interrupted with, yes, commercials for the usual litany of advertisers.

Beyond lame. Desperate and soulless is more like it.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-04