Adrants Introduces Advertising Industry Job Listings

Rather than wade through an endless list of unrelated job listings on Monster or HotJobs, check out the job listings here on Adrants. Provided by Talent Zoo, every single one of these job listings is specific to the ad industry business. Don't waste your time searching through junk. Check out the listings that matter to you right here on Adrants.

For employers looking to reach a defined advertising industry audience, you can post your listing here and they will appear on Adrants as well as on the entire Talent Zoo network. And yes, we do get a cut when you post a job from this link so we welcome you to do so.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-04    

McDonald's Unknowingly Sponsors Comedy Central's 'Drawn Together'

In October, Comedy Central will launch Drawn Together, an animated reality television show that will put "real" reality shows to shame with its raunchy humor. That's besides the point. One of the sites that's hosting a preview of the show has a banner from another site we mentioned here that allows you to add your own headlines to a McDonald's logo resulting in an ad banner. The banner on this site says, "We killed John Candy." Here's a page with about a hundred other McDonald's spoof banners. Where are the McDonald's lawyers?

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-04    

Golden Palace Makes Olympic Debut

The online casino Golden Palace, well known for its publicity stunts, made an appearance today at the Olympics in Athens. A man, dressed in a blue tutu and Golden Palace written on his chest climbed a diving board during the men's synchronized diving event and stood there a for a minute before jumping into the pool. Needless to say, he was descended upon by police.

The man, Ron Bensimhon of Montreal has done stunts like this before for Golden Palace but this time the online casino says Bensimhon was acting on his own. Right. Anyway, Golden Palace got some free publicity out of it. Thanks to Charley Brough for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-04    

WeatherBug Sees Big Boost in Users From Storms

WeatherBug today said it recorded a surge of traffic, downloads and distributed severe weather alerts as Hurricane Charley and Tropical Storm Bonnie made landfall last week. WeatherBug provides live neighborhood weather information from 7,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. to broadcasters, federal and state government agencies, the National Weather Service, schools, consumers and businesses.

According to comScore Media Metrix, the WeatherBug desktop application recorded more than seven million daily active users on Friday, August 13 - the peak of the storm. This surpasses's own internally reported figure (6.3 million unique users) by 11 percent.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-04    

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New Viagra Ad Campaign Gets Horny

Finally acknowledging the underpinnings of the male mind in relation to sex, erectile dysfunction company Viagra is getting phat with its advertising. The new ads reveal the mindset of most men when they are "in the mood." One of the new ads shows a guy standing in front of the V in Viagra in a way that makes the top of the V look like a devil's horns sprouting from his head. The change in tone is a welcome one after years of the boring medical-focused approach.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-04