VMA Thoughts

I wanted to hang back and watch a movie tonight but I got sucked in. So here's what going on:

  • Dudes, how hard is it to say "ask"?
  • Ashlee, get a vocal tune up. Or at least get remix going.
  • Check Gap's www.howdoyou.com - nice butt Sarah Jessica!
  • Beyonce, the hair!
  • John: Chapelle's little john?
  • How old is Kurt Loder? Has he forgotten how to talk? And why is that Asian chick alwats cutting him off?
  • Adver-wear t-shirts make an appearance.
  • Will Smith does his "I am the bomb" thing ...and brings on the Shaq.
  • So when it Britney getting married?
  • Mathew Lillard (my fave) get a mosh pit boat ride to the stage to co-present with Hilary Duff.
  • Interesting how MTV's swipes look so much like the current HP campaigns. Hmm...
  • Shakira's cute.
  • Verizon's Virgin Mobile's singing commercials rock.
  • Saturn does a new version of its kitchen sink commercial.
  • Singing the nominees songs. Nice touch.
  • OK, I'm tuning out until Britney gets married.
  • The Kerry/Bush sisters do a weird plea for youth voting.
  • Cell phones are the new rock concert lighter.
  • Are there any more white musical artists?
  • Britney isn't married yet.
  • Little local (to me) girl Jojo shows up along with the American Olympic hotties.
  • Oh well. It's over and no wedding. Like we really thought that was gonna happen.
All in all, a much better worse show than in years past.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

'Entertainment Weekly' Is The Shits

I've read Entertainment Weekly since the early lower-case "e" days and I can't recall a time where the magazine hadn't, citing its position as a family magazine, employed the practice of removing several letters from offending words spoken by interviewees. I have always thought that to be redundant and hypocritical since everyone knows what is being said anyway. In fact, it calls attention to it. So it was with great pleasure I read the quote, "Publishing is going to the shits, right?", spoken by author and gossip column fodder Abigail Vona at the end of an article in issue #781.

Did this slip by editors? Was this intentional. Has it happened before and I never noticed? Have we finally realized that people speak this way and there's no point in hiding it simply for vague notions of clinging to a puritanical culture that is long gone? Is this a big deal? Will anyone actually notice or care? Will there be a throng of letters written to the editor? No, it, issue #781, will just pass by as any other issue does garnering nothing other than the usual treatment any other issue receives. This is a good thing.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

Paris Hilton In Talks to Shill Burger King

Following her scene in The Simple Life 2 in which she and Nicole Richie, who had no money at the time, tried to get other Burger King customers to cough up some green backs so they could eat, Burger King has taken notice and is reportedly paying Hilton $750,000 to appear in a TV commercial helmed by music-video director David LaChapelle. The commercial may incorporate one of Hilton's songs she's currently recording in her quest to become an even bigger celebu-starlet.

Hilton said in a Washington Post interview, "I have a really good metabolism. And I love Burger King, it's my favorite fast-food place." BK has got to love that. Hilton seems to be for sale a lot these days. She's even developing her own logo.

UPDATE: Ad Age reports Burger King has second thoughts about the Hilton ad with one BK marketer saying,"Given the extreme baggage she carries, it was killed."

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

Defamer Analyzes New Paris Hilton Brand Logo

After noting its dislike for the recently registered trademark for soon to be launched Paris Hilton-branded products saying "...this design has to be seen as an aesthetic failure. Isn't a logo supposed to evoke something essential about the thing it's signifying? Nothing about this suggests 'celebutante skank sucking a cock in night-vision,'", Defamer reconsiders and notes the design might be a masterwork afterall. We like it now too.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

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Vice President Cheney Featured in Gay Marriage Ad

In an ad for the Human Rights Campaign that asks, "What if it were your child, Mr. President?", Vice President Dick Cheney, whose daughter is gay, appears, showing his disagreement with President Bush's initiative to create a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage saying it should be a state issue.

At a recent campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa, Cheney said, "Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it's an issue our family is very familiar with. With respect to the question of relationships, my general view is freedom means freedom for everyone ... People ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to. The question that comes up with the issue of marriage is what kind of official sanction or approval is going to be granted by government? Historically, that's been a relationship that has been handled by the states. The states have made that fundamental decision of what constitutes a marriage."

Bet Bush gives Cheney a dirty look the next time he sees him.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

Sponsors Return to Masters, Women Don't

After two commercial free years spawned by controversy over Augusta National's male only membership policy, three marketers have decided to sponsor this year's event renewing a campaign by National Council of Women's Organizations' Martha Burke centering on the club's apparent sex discrimination. "I'm shocked that any responsible company would want to be identified with the blatant sex discrimination practiced by Augusta National," Burk said. "Perhaps these companies think the controversy has gone away. It has not. It will not."

The three sponsors wading into the muck are ExxonMobil, SBC and IBM.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

Star Trek's Scotty Diagnosed With Alzheimer's, Makes Last Public Appearance

This weekend, James Doohan, 84, who played U.S.S. Enterprise Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott ("Scotty") on the 1966-1969 cult television series Star Trek, will make his last public appearance having acknowledged a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Taking place at the Rennaissance Hollywood Hotel, all living members of the original Star Trek series will be on hand to give Doohan what will likely be his final send up.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

Britney Spears May Wed Kevin Federline on MTV VMA's

It's been rumored that Britney Spears will wed Kevin Federline onstage tonight at MTV's Video Music Awards in Miami. MTV EVP of Music Tom Calderone hints, "Let's put it this way: there's a lot of stages here which some may say look like a chapel. You never know. It's a good platform to celebrate your love, let's put it that way."

Is she really that desperate for attention? Let's hope not. But now everyone will be watching to find out and MTV is lovin' that.

UPDATE: Alrighty then. I didn't see a wedding. Did you? I didn't think so.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04    

Mobile Couponing Not Ready For Prime Time

Russell Buckley writes on his Mobile Technology weblog why mobile couponing may not be ready for prime time. While Buckley believes mobile couponing will become a certainty, he points to seven areas of concern which need to be overcome before full adoption not the least of which is the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset in relation to paper couponing.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04