Agency Calls For Better Use of Outdoor Ad Space

Formed by the San Francisco Print Collective, the Anti-Advertising Agency is a new, artist run organization creating collaborative works which critically examine outdoor advertising and the use of public space.

It's launching an outdoor ad campaign to, well, end all outdoor ad campaigns urging alternative uses of outdoor advertising space. Maybe they're nuts but a bit less clutter would certainly be a good thing.

The Anti-Advertising Agency's mission call to attention the proliferation and "normalization" of outdoor advertising that "dulls the public's perception of their surroundings, re-enforcing a general attitude of powerlessness toward creativity and change, thus a cycle develops enabling advertisers to slowly and consistently increase the saturation of advertising with little or no public outcry." The agency's work questions the purpose of public space and advertising's place in that space and intends to "de-normalize" outdoor advertising and enable the public to have a say in how their public space is used.

The agency is currently looking for proposals from artists able to work in the Bay Area toward the agency's cause. There's more info about this on their website.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04   Click to Comment   

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