Corvette Ad Pulled Because Imbeciles Can't Dream

Earlier, we leaked some pre-production footage of the new Corvette commercial directed by Guy Ritchie set to air during the Olympics. Well, it has aired and the safety kooks, again, just can't take a joke and caused the ad to be pulled.

The ad called, "A Boy's Dream" (dream...get it? dream), shows an underage boy doing what any boy would do when imagining himself behind the wheel of a Corvette: racing around like crazy. Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (who invents these group?) President Judith Stone signed a letter sent by several other "safety groups" to GM Chairman Rick Wagoner and said, "We're delighted that they did the right thing." What right thing? Telling people it's not OK to dream, imagine or have fantasies? And why does every spineless corporation now bend to the whim of every lame ass, extremist complaint? UPDATE: Here's the spot. Watch it and judge for yourself.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04   Click to Comment   

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