Donovan/Green Grows Truckside Ad Business

Ads on the sides of trucks are not new but it has become a growing segment of business for 25 year old ad agency Donovan/Green. The agency launched a division for this practice called Asphalt Media. In the past year, the company has developed 53' X 9' banners for BIC, NBC/MGM and XM Satellite Radio. Using GPS technology, the trucks are tracked on an hourly basis to help support Asphalt's Post Performance Report, a range of studies to prove that mobile media keeps its impression guarantee, including CPM Analysis, In-Market Digital Photography, Anecdotal Video Interviews, and Dedicated Route Demographic Mapping.

Asphalt Media, which partners with Swift Transportation trucking, will also be carry ads promoting The Tony Danza Show, Live with Regis & Kelly and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Arnold Schwarzenegger used a truck side in Las Vegas with the headline "Hauling Jobs Back to California" to brag about his efforts on the job front.

Asphalt Media has future plans to enable truck side ads to change messaging based on location or proximity to a paying advertiser.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Aug-11-04  
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